Hydraulic Power Packs

We are a world-leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic power packs for mobile equipment. The company's expertise is founded on understanding the diverse set of variables involved in matching the optimum electric motor with the optimum hydraulic pump and control valves to suit specific application requirements. Whether the application calls for a complete system with integrated reservoir and control valves or a pump/motor package, Concentric can configure a system for virtually any mobile application.


Displacement: 0.60 - 1.5cc
Max. Pressure: 180 Bar (2,610 psi)


Displacement: 0.80 - 5.7cc
Max. Pressure: 255 Bar (3,700 psi)


Displacement: 1.0 - 11.6cc
Max. Pressure: 275 Bar (4,000 psi)