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In tailgate applications a diverse set of variables governs the mating and integration of a specific electric motor (from a synchronous, low-voltage AC to series or brushless DC technologies), hydraulic pump and valves for optimum functionality. Each application varies in complexity. Each requires complete familiarity with the unique characteristics of specific motors, as well as expert knowledge of the performance of the hydraulic pumps and valves. Moreover, the integration of D.C. motors, hydraulic pumps and valves is a technology all its own and one in which Concentric excels. We are a recognized leader in designing, applying and producing power packs and motor/hydraulic pump assemblies that ensure reliability in lifting systems. All Concentric products are tested for proper coupling engagement, balanced motor armature, amp draw at key operating points and flow at specified pressure.


Displacement: 0.80 - 5.7cc
Max. Pressure: 255 Bar (3,700 psi)


Displacement: 0.8 - 6.36cc
Max. Pressure: 255 Bar (3,700 psi)