Hydraulic Fan Drives

Concentric hydraulic fan drive systems offer significant advantages to cooling system designers when compared to traditional belt and electric fan drives. These advantages include fan speed independent of engine speed, precise control of coolant temperature, on-demand cooling to eliminate excess power consumption, reduced noise and reduced emissions. Concentric hydraulic fan drive systems also offer design engineers flexibility in the design of cooling systems, since the radiator and fan can now be located away from the engine.

We pioneered hydraulic fan drive systems that integrate with other functions such as hydrostatic charging, brake charging and pilot systems. Concentric works with its customers to develop custom systems ranging from the simple to the most complex depending on the vehicle design criteria. Expertise in fan drive systems, the ability to integrate sophisticated control valves and sensors, coupled with highly efficient pumps and motors, continually reinforces our reputation as the expert in hydraulic fan drives.


Displacement: 4 - 12cc
Max. Speed: 3,600 rpm


Displacement: 23 - 87cc
Max. Speed: 3,600 rpm


Displacement: 58 - 161cc
Max. Speed: 3,000 rpm

Fan Drives

Power Range: Static to 150Kw
Max. Speed: 0 to 11,000 rpm